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    We offer free shipping worldwide for orders over 100 Euro. When discounts are equal or more than 40% then transport is paid by the client.

  • Gift cards, vouchers and reserved products

    We offer exclusive preferences if you want to be our constant customer, to book your wanted product or win a discount code! Also you can win and save money from your shopping process by winning loyalty points for every 20 EUR you spend. The loyalty points can be converted into real money that you can then spend in our store!

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For Us!

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For Us!

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Find your new fashion addiction today. Here you can find our fashionable and modern handmade cloths, accessories, bags and shoes with discount prices. It is our pleasure to represent you one of the most talented and creative Bulgarian designers and their handmade trends. Also you will find some world designer handmade brands for clothing and accessories. 

Choose your Fashion Muse today and let us be your  future inspiration for fashion!